Ring Fit
Adventure FAQ

Interested in the Ring Fit Adventure game but want to know how it all works? We've got you covered!

How sturdy is the Ring-Con accessory?

The Ring-Con accessory was carefully designed and tested for durability. It should work properly as long as you use it according to the in-game guide.

Nintendo Switch system required. Game and system sold separately.

Can I enjoy Ring Fit Adventure even if I don’t have any/much exercise experience?

Yes! Even if you’re not a regular gym-goer, it can be fun to battle enemies and progress through the game. You can calibrate the game’s intensity using the in-game settings to factor in your strength and ability.

In Ring Fit Adventure, the exercise level is configurable on a 1-to-30 difficulty scale, depending on your preferred intensity. For example, the number of reps you need to do or the duration that you need to hold a position/stretch changes based on your exercise level. Physical activity will be required at all intensity settings.

There are also dynamic and static stretching exercises that you can perform before and after each play session.

It is also possible to play certain portions of Ring Fit Adventure using traditional button controls.

Players should consult their doctor or relevant fitness professional if they intend to start a fitness regimen or have any concerns with their ability to play Ring Fit Adventure.

How did you come up with the movements used to control the game?

The exercises were developed with the help of fitness advisers.

Ring Fit Adventure includes over 60 types of real-life exercises. The development of fitness activities in the game were supervised by personal trainer Kaoru Matsui and yoga instructor Mika Saiki. The in-game guide, Tipp, is always on hand to help you find and maintain proper posture for each exercise!

Kaoru Matsui

Personal Trainer

Mika Saiki

Yoga Instructor

How long does it take to complete Ring Fit Adventure?

We estimate that it can take over three months to complete the Adventure mode if you play every day for 30 minutes (depending on exercise level you’ve set).

In Adventure mode, you’ll use your whole body to play through over 250 levels spread across more than 20 colorful worlds. Even after finishing the main adventure, you can always revisit the levels and find things you didn’t see before, as well as use your experience to tackle tougher opponents!

What can I do outside of the Adventure mode?

Plenty! Ring Fit Adventure offers Quick Play mode, where you can enjoy casual fitness minigames in short bursts. You can also use Custom Mode to create your own personalized routines from the in-game exercises and minigames. And you can exercise between play sessions with Multitask mode, where you push and pull the Ring-Con to gain reps that you can sync with your game later.

Whether you’re setting out on a fantasy-filled quest, enjoying fitness minigames with friends and family, or breaking a sweat with your own custom, workouts, there are many different ways to have fun and stay active with Ring Fit Adventure!

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What comes in the box?

  • Ring-Con

  • Leg Strap

  • Ring Fit Adventure™ Game

Don’t forget you’ll need a Nintendo Switch system, too (not included).
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